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Wet'N Wild Orlando Water Park Info & Attractions

Wet'n Wild Water Park is consistently voted one of America's number one Water Parks. Wet'n Wild is owned by Universal Studios Orlando and is located just a short drive from Walt Disney World , Sea World Orlando, and Universal Orlando. There is no better way to keep your family happy on a hot day than to take them to Wet'n Wild Orlando.

Teens and adults love thrill rides like the Blue Niagara Slide, it features 300 feet of intertwined looping tubes twisting six stories high. On the Brain Wash you begin traveling through a dark tunnel then suddenly you find yourself plummeting down a 53 foot vertical drop, you'll have to ride it to find out what happens next.

The Storm, Mach 5, and Der Stuka are all rides that will get your heart pounding. If you're looking for excitement try The Bomb Bay, it is ranked by many as Florida's greatest thrill ride. Enter a bomb like capsule and feel the floor drop from under you as you take a plunge down a 76 foot high, nearly vertical water slide.

Wet n Wild Water Park Attractions
Disco H20

Orlando introduces a groovy new multi-million dollar attraction showcasing the1970’s disco nightlife. It’s a little bit of funk, a little bit of soul, and a whole lot of water. It’s the Disco H2O™, baby! Provided you make it past the bouncer, your flashback journey begins by boarding a four-person cloverleaf raft that descends through a time warp, toward a watery disco nightclub.

Once “inside,” you’ll find yourself rotating around the aqua club surrounded by music, lights, and disco balls! Shake your booty to the sounds of the seventies on this jivin’ new attraction you won’t find anywhere else!
Wet n Wild Water Park Attractions
Bomb Bay

Ranked by an Orlando Magazine as Central Florida's greatest thrill ride. You'll enter a 'bomb-like' shell, of which the floor will suddenly drop beneath you plunging you almost vertically for 76 feet! Need we say any more?
Wet n Wild Water Park Attractions

Choose from 3 different flumes that wind and twist their way down 3 different thrill courses
Wet n Wild Water Park Attractions
Brain Wash

Hypnotizing water thrills await as you and your friends encounter a splashing dose of group therapy on this unique water ride. Loose your grip on reality, but not your grip on the 2 or 4-person tube, as you climb the walls on the six-story extreme tube ride with a 53-foot vertical drop into the 65-foot domed funnel. It's mind blowing!
Wet n Wild Water Park Attractions
The Black Hole

The Next Generation A Wet 'n Wild classic just got better, as your two-person hydra capsule blasts off into a mysterious void featuring pulsating light, dynamic effects and cosmic energy.
Wet n Wild Water Park Attractions
The Flyer

A four-passenger, in-line toboggan adventure ride through 450-feet of thrilling, banked curves!
Wet n Wild Water Park Attractions
Surf Lagoon

Four-foot high waves roll across this 17,000 square foot wave pool which features a waterfall that splashes off the back wall.
Wet n Wild Water Park Attractions
Der Stuka

First of the signature thrill rides here. You'll first 'free fall' from a height 6 stories down a 250 ft water slide until you gradually come to a stop on the 115 ft long water runway!
Wet n Wild Water Park Attractions
Kid's Park

In many respects, a miniature version of the adult things to do at the park, but more so designed for children under 48" in height!
Wet n Wild Water Park Attractions
Knee Ski

Like Water-Skiing, but instead you're pulled behind a boat on a Knee Board. Offered seasonally, and unique to Wet'n Wild only. Unlimited rides on a half-mile long course and all included in your admission!

Map of Wet n Wild Water Park Attractions